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  • 2016


    Iran client visited our company

On November 5, 2016, Iran client visited our company. The client communicated with our company in the 2016 Canton Fair, and visited our company this time for negotiating with our leadership on cooperation. In the morning, accompanied with the foreign trade staffs of East Pump Headquarters and the leaders of our company, the client visited the workshop, sales department, technical department and display hall of our company.
In the workshop, the client conversed with the workshop directors and workers, realized the processing technique, flow, processing materials and assembly test of our products, and expressed high praise, which also promoted the cooperation between the client and our company.
After visiting the departments and workshop, the client had expressed highly recognition on our company, and negotiated with our leaders and sale manager on the cooperation in details in the afternoon.
The main contents of the negotiation was cooperation on the gear processing and finished product, we were confident that our company was capable of providing quality accessories and finished products with substantial price for the client, the long-term and friendly cooperation was expected by both parties.

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