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Cable Industry

Scope of Application:
pay-off system, wire twisting system, high speed insulation extruder product line

Cable Industry typical equipment


●   Eastwell Gear Reducer has been applied in varied fields, and is also perfectly adopted in the cable industry, the properties of the speed reducer are customized according to the features and demands of the cable industry.


Purpose of working machine


●  Pay-off machine, high speed wire twisting machine, core wire extruder product line, external extruder product line and so on.

Main application customer



Name of Client:Wuxi Shuguang Cable Co., Ltd

Name of Case: Wuxi Shuguang Cable Co., Ltd


Industry: Cable Industry

Product Adopted: Eastwell Gear Reducer

Introduction to the Project:

Wuxi Shuguang Cable Co., Ltd. is a national large-scale wire and cable manufacturer.
 The company possesses the domestic and foreign advanced production equipment and testing equipment, such as the first 500 kV VCV vertical tower cross-linked cable production line in South jiangsu produced by Finland-NOKIA, 700kV discharge pressure test system produced by American-HAEFELY, online derivometer produced by German-Sikora and double drawing machine produced by German-Niehoff, etc.It has formed a large-scale production line in producing copper wire and extra-high voltage cable products.The company's second production base is located in Ruichang, Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province, which is Jiangxi Jien Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd.Its total investment is 1billion yuan.It is specializing in the production of fiber composite submarine cable of AC/DC rated voltage up to and including 500kV, extra high voltage power cable and marine pipe, etc.It is a major industrial project in Jiangxi Province.

Shuguang Cable is equipped with the world top class equipment such as the Asian biggest pallet type cabling machine with diameter of rotating table reaching 34m, Asian biggest 150-coil 800 type steel wire armoring machine unit, and Asian first 4-machine joint extrusion 500kv catenary crosslinking product line, and is capable of production the Asian longest submarine cable with least flexible joints, Jiangxi Jien Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is advancing towards the first phalanx of submarine cable manufacturers in the world. Website © SHANGHAI EASTWELL GEAR REDUCER CO.,LTD 2016   沪ICP备16051594号-1  

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