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Quality customized service

With diversified application, our gear reducer doesn’t have the same application conditions, therefore, we are very glad to apply our knowledge and skill to each project, then we may cooperate with the client to find the best solution for each application.

With profound knowledge on speed reducer, since the establishment, as the leading role in the Chinese speed reducer industry, Eastwell is dedicated to speed reducer development, production and sale. With full use of our standard options, we are also capable of developing and making special speed reducer according to client’s demands.

Our professional staffs are very glad to develop and make the best product for your specific application. We are also willing to design your drive system with our advanced design software, thus providing related dimension drawing and CAD model for your application.

It is very important for us to communicate with the clients. We are expecting to cooperate with you. Just raise the demands on us, we are very glad to provide considerate services for you.

Constant and effective service support

It is known by all mechanical manufacturers and equipment operators that the loss caused by the machine shutdown is immeasurable. The new components must arrive at the site as soon as possible to guarantee highest production efficiency.

We will inspect the applicability of all necessary components, and are promising the fast delivery to you --- via our national wide sale and after-sale service network. With the advantages in product quality and cost through mass production as well as the timely and considerate service, we are devoted to establishing the sustainable partnership with users, and optimizing the personalized and “one-to-one” marketing service for users.

Our service is endless ......

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