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Environmental Protection Industry

Scope of Application:
waste water treatment and living water industry

Main equipment adopted in waste water treatment industry




Purpose of working machine


●  Spiral conveyer, rotating brush and rotating disc aerator, inverted umbrella aerator, mud scraper, spiral conveyer for water treatment etc




Main application customer 



Henan Baihui Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd(stock code:833646)

Name of Case: Henan Baihui Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd


Industry:sewage treatment

Product Adopted: Eastwell Gear Reducer

Introduction to the Project:

Henan Baihui Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is founded in 1995, its head office is located in Yudong Industrial Park, Xinxiang, Henan, which covers a floor area of 10,0000 m2, possesses fixed assets of 120 million Yuan. It is the high-tech company devoting itself in professional environmental engineering design, complete equipment manufacturing and project installation, project commissioning, which is high-tech enterprise in Henan and marketing enterprise of NEEQ (stock code:833646)
he company has strong technical force, possesses a project design center and research and development center, test center, and has established long-term cooperative relationship with Shanghai Electric Environmental Protection Group, Henan academy of sciences and other domestic large groups and scientific research insitutions, meanwhile, cooperating with Canadian W&Y Envirnationall NC Company, Sweden Water Link Company, Korean Global Energy Development Co., Ltd., they jointly research and develop the urgent technologies and equipments required by domestic and abroad customers
Main core technologies of company :
 General contracting projects of all kinds of industry wastewaters, advanced treatment adopting anaerobic-improved Corrousel oxidation ditch process-special catalyst and other patent technologies, which has the characteristics of reliable running, low running cost, many demonstration projects are established in domestic, each running index can satisfy the domestic newest standard request.    
The sludge drying equipment single screw sludge press, high speed fully automatic frame filter press independently researched and developed and obtaining many patent technologies can all satisfy the requirement of sludge dryness>40%, which has the characteristics of high efficiency, continuous, fully automatic, low running cost etc.  
In the boiler flue gas desulfurization, denitration, dedusting series projects adopting abroad advanced technologies, the removal rates are all more than 90%, the running cost is lower than routine techniques for more than 30%. 
Distributed sludge incineration system introducing the abroad advanced technologies, through digesting and absorbing, forms the enterprise independent intellectual property rights system, which is applicable for the large and medium sized wastewater treatment plant and enterprise nearby implemented sludge innocent treatment. Website © SHANGHAI EASTWELL GEAR REDUCER CO.,LTD 2016   沪ICP备16051594号-1  

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