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Power Plant Equipment

Scope of Application:
coal conveying system, boiler system and others

Main equipment adopted by thermal power plant


●   In recent years, the products of Eastwell Speed Reducer have been widely  applied in the domestic thermal power plants.

●   Eastwell Gear Reducer provides whole set of solutions for the drive system, the output bearing of the gear reducer can bear the downwards radial load, it adopts advanced structure and features better sealing performance to effectively prevent oil leakage, and keeps excellent quality during long-term running.



Industrial Purpose


●  Belt conveyer, scraper conveyor, ship unloader, car dumper, wheel-on-boom stacker and reclaimer, coal pulverizer, coal feeder, coal unloader, water pump, cooling tower, air-coole Main clients


Main application customer





Case: China Huaneng Group

Name of Client: China Huaneng Group 

电厂.pngIndustry: Power Plant Equipment

Product Adopted: Eastwell Gear Reducer

Introduction to the Project:

China Huaneng Group is a key state-owned company established with the approval of the State Council. 
With registered capital of 20 billion Yuan, the Company is mainly engaged in the following business: development, investment, construction, operation and management of power sources; production and sale of power and heat; development, investment, construction, production, and sale of businesses and products related to finance, energy transportation, renewable energy, and environmental protection; industrial investment, operation and management.
Since its inception in 1985, China Huaneng Group has been providing rich experience for the reform, development and technology advancement of the power industry, and has been playing an exemplary role for power companies in enhancing management level and economic benefits, and has been making great contribution in satisfying power demand for economic and social development, and in ensuring value preservation and increment of state-owned assets. Website © SHANGHAI EASTWELL GEAR REDUCER CO.,LTD 2016   沪ICP备16051594号-1  

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