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Industrial Application

Scope of Application:

Name of Client:Muyang Group

Name of Case:Muyang Group

食品机械.pngIndustry: Food Machinery

Product Adopted: Eastwell Gear Reducer

Introduction to the Project:

Muyang is the national key high-tech enterprise and has outstanding R&D strength. More than 4% of annual sales revenue is invested in R&D every year. Muyang has established research institutes in Asia, Europe and America. Muyang has grown into a leading global machinery manufacturer and project service provider in the whole supply chain of agro-business,aim to serve the industrial chain and provide integrated solutions from farm to table.  We are committed to provide one stop services including consultation, design, planning, manufacture, installation, commissioning, and follow-up upgrade to our customers in the fields of feed milling, animal farming, oilseed and food processing.

As a machinery manufacturer and project service provider in the agro-business, Muyang is the first grain and feed machinery manufacturer authorized by the China Ministry of Commerce and the secretariat of the National Feed Machinery Standardization Committee.National R&D Center for Feed Equipment and Technology .National Scientific and Technological Progress Second Prize (Three times).  China Famous Brand .Top 500 Chinese Private Enterprises ·  Top 500 Chinese Technology Brand . China Best Enterprise in Talents . Jiangsu Enterprise Technological Innovation Award . First Jiangsu Industrial Design Center


Name of Client:Wuxi Shuguang Cable Co., Ltd

Name of Case: Wuxi Shuguang Cable Co., Ltd


Industry: Cable Industry

Product Adopted: Eastwell Gear Reducer

Introduction to the Project:

Wuxi Shuguang Cable Co., Ltd. is a national large-scale wire and cable manufacturer.
 The company possesses the domestic and foreign advanced production equipment and testing equipment, such as the first 500 kV VCV vertical tower cross-linked cable production line in South jiangsu produced by Finland-NOKIA, 700kV discharge pressure test system produced by American-HAEFELY, online derivometer produced by German-Sikora and double drawing machine produced by German-Niehoff, etc.It has formed a large-scale production line in producing copper wire and extra-high voltage cable products.The company's second production base is located in Ruichang, Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province, which is Jiangxi Jien Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd.Its total investment is 1billion yuan.It is specializing in the production of fiber composite submarine cable of AC/DC rated voltage up to and including 500kV, extra high voltage power cable and marine pipe, etc.It is a major industrial project in Jiangxi Province.

Shuguang Cable is equipped with the world top class equipment such as the Asian biggest pallet type cabling machine with diameter of rotating table reaching 34m, Asian biggest 150-coil 800 type steel wire armoring machine unit, and Asian first 4-machine joint extrusion 500kv catenary crosslinking product line, and is capable of production the Asian longest submarine cable with least flexible joints, Jiangxi Jien Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is advancing towards the first phalanx of submarine cable manufacturers in the world.

Henan Baihui Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd(stock code:833646)

Name of Case: Henan Baihui Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd


Industry:sewage treatment

Product Adopted: Eastwell Gear Reducer

Introduction to the Project:

Henan Baihui Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is founded in 1995, its head office is located in Yudong Industrial Park, Xinxiang, Henan, which covers a floor area of 10,0000 m2, possesses fixed assets of 120 million Yuan. It is the high-tech company devoting itself in professional environmental engineering design, complete equipment manufacturing and project installation, project commissioning, which is high-tech enterprise in Henan and marketing enterprise of NEEQ (stock code:833646)
he company has strong technical force, possesses a project design center and research and development center, test center, and has established long-term cooperative relationship with Shanghai Electric Environmental Protection Group, Henan academy of sciences and other domestic large groups and scientific research insitutions, meanwhile, cooperating with Canadian W&Y Envirnationall NC Company, Sweden Water Link Company, Korean Global Energy Development Co., Ltd., they jointly research and develop the urgent technologies and equipments required by domestic and abroad customers
Main core technologies of company :
 General contracting projects of all kinds of industry wastewaters, advanced treatment adopting anaerobic-improved Corrousel oxidation ditch process-special catalyst and other patent technologies, which has the characteristics of reliable running, low running cost, many demonstration projects are established in domestic, each running index can satisfy the domestic newest standard request.    
The sludge drying equipment single screw sludge press, high speed fully automatic frame filter press independently researched and developed and obtaining many patent technologies can all satisfy the requirement of sludge dryness>40%, which has the characteristics of high efficiency, continuous, fully automatic, low running cost etc.  
In the boiler flue gas desulfurization, denitration, dedusting series projects adopting abroad advanced technologies, the removal rates are all more than 90%, the running cost is lower than routine techniques for more than 30%. 
Distributed sludge incineration system introducing the abroad advanced technologies, through digesting and absorbing, forms the enterprise independent intellectual property rights system, which is applicable for the large and medium sized wastewater treatment plant and enterprise nearby implemented sludge innocent treatment.   

Name of Client:Shandong Jianke Group

Name of Case: Shandong Jianke Group


Industry: Construction Industry

Product Adopted: Eastwell Gear Reducer

Introduction to the Project:

“Jianke Machinery” has become the technology innovative and professional manufacturer of “engineering machinery” and “road construction and maintenance machinery”, with Headquarters locating in Jinan which is named as the Spring City, the company has established 6 branches and set up marketing and service offices throughout China, and 6 overseas sale offices, Jianke possesses two produce bases: Jianke A and Jianke Industrial Park Zone B, occupying an area of 160,000m2. When introducing the top talents in the industry, Jianke Machinery is also cooperating with Tongji University, Chang'an University and Shandong Jiaotong University to introduce the domestic and foreign advanced technologies and experiences via combination of “industry-university-research”, and has adopted the new technologies and new processes for cement concrete mixing and asphaltum concrete mixing into Jianke products.

Jianke Machinery possesses the design and development team with 120 senior engineers in the aspects of mechanical, electric, automatic control and application, 100% products are designed and developed with 3D-CAD and Germany SIEMENS control software, the whole design process including product shape design, virtual assembly and product optimization are completed with computer. The products are made and assembly by 500 skillful operators with varied advanced equipment. Under the ISO9001 Quality Management System, the product quality is under effective control, and Jianke Machinery is providing technical support for the products with the professional and systematic after-sale service team, combining the reasonable stock of parts and accessories, Jianke Machinery is capable of timely meeting the demands of clients.

Name of Client:Zhengzhou New Dafang Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Name of Case: Zhengzhou New Dafang Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd.


Industry: Hoisting Machinery

Product Adopted: Eastwell Gear Reducer

Introduction to the Project:

Zhengzhou New Dafang Heavy Industries & Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech & innovative enterprise specializing in designing and making heavy engineering & machinery.The company has presided and participated to draft several national and professional standards and criterions, undertaken and completed the National 863 Torque Program and project of developing and manufacturing the major technical equipment of 10th Five-Year Program, and awarded the first prize of Science and Technology in the Chinese Machinery Industry.
Via technical innovation, New Dafang has completed the research and development of a series of major construction equipment with independent intellectual property such as the for highway, express railway, urban rail transit, ship engineering, magnetic levitation train, water conservancy, metallurgy, military engineering and wind power, and has successfully developed 8 categories and 81 varieties of product, which have filled into 20 blanks in large-scale complete set of technology and equipment for bridge construction at home, broken 16 foreign monopolies, obtained 30 national patents of invention and utility models, formed the national standard, powerfully promoted the industry upgrade and structure adjustment of the bridge construction equipment manufacturing industry, improved the hydromechatronics integrated control technology of Chinese large-size transfer construction equipment to the international advanced level, and New Fangda has become the first brand in the Chinese bridge construction equipment industry and is leading the development trend of the industry.

Name of Client:Hebi Coal Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd.

Name of Case: Hebi Coal Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd.


Industry: Mining Machine

Product Adopted: Eastwell Gear Reducer

Introduction to the Project:

Hebi Coal Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. is the professional enterprise specialized in making vibration ore mining (feeding) machine, mine transport equipment, material feeding and conveying. The vibration ore mining (feeding) series composes of 10 series and nearly 100 specifications and varieties including XZG, FZC, GZM, GZG, ZZF, DZF, GZY, GZM and GZX. The company features strong technical strength, advanced process, complete test means with rich experience in design, manufacturing, installation and debugging. The products have been widely applied in the industries such as metallurgy, coal mines, power plants, coal washery, non-ferrous metal and black metal mining, dressing, smelting and so on, and have earned high praise from users. The company is specialized in machinery and rivet welding processing, after several times of technical transformations and workshop expansion, the company has achieved great improvement in processing equipment and test means.

Name of Client:Shijiazhuang Gongda Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Name of Case: Shijiazhuang Gongda Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd.


Industry: chemical machinery

Product Adopted: Eastwell Gear Reducer

Introduction to the Project:

Shijiazhuang Gongda Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Gongda Company) is the process equipment manufacturer with independent intellectual property with the core of drying, evaporating, filtering and gas-liquid separation technologies, and main products of chemical unit process engineering and equipment. The company possesses 400 sets of varied rivet welding and mechanical processing equipment, and boasts very strong capacity in equipment development, processing and manufacturing. The company undertakes the provincial level and municipal level subjects, and current has obtained two projects with Innovation Fund Support from the Ministry of Science and Technology, awarded one Hebei Province Science and Technology Progress Award, one Shijiazhuang Municipality Science and Technology Special Award, and six Shijiazhuang Municipality Science and Technology Progress Award. Currently, the company has obtained two patents of invention and 17 patents for utility models, and is entitled as the “Outstanding Private Hi-Tech Enterprise of Shijiazhuang Municipality”, in the same year, the company was listed in the national scientific and technological middle and small size enterprise innovation fund project, and the product was entitled as the “State Key and New Product” by the Ministry of Science and Technology, State Administration of Taxation, Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, and Ministry of Environmental Protection. In 2004, the company obtained the D2 Class Pressure Container Manufacturing Qualification, in 2007, it was upgraded to A2 (Category Low and Intermediate Pressure Container) Pressure Container Design Qualification; in 2007, the company became the Member of 1st Council of China Nuclear Energy Association; in May 2011, Gongda Company was elected as the Chief Member of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation Science and Technology Department Evaporation and Crystallization Technology Professional Team, chief member of Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China Chemical Engineering Committee Evaporation Team, and vice chief member of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation Science and Technology Department Drying Technology Professional Team. The products of the company are widely applied in the industries such as chemicals, light industry, smelting, environmental protection, foods, medical treatment and feedingstuff.





Industry: Metal Forming Machinery

Product Adopted: Eastwell Gear Reducer 合肥锻压.png

Introduction to the Project:

HFM a large-scale equipment manufacturing company engaged in development, production, sale and service of various kinds of metalforming machineries such as hydraulic presses and mechanical presses. It is a national base in China for industrialization of automation technology and equipments of large-scale metalforming equipments and a key high and new tech enterprise listed in the national torch plan.
Products of the company are widely used in many fields such as automobile, household appliances, war industry, aviation, petrifaction and application of new materials. Self-developed large-scale NC forming machine digitalized design technology, automation control technology, integrative technology of mechanics-electronics-hydraulics, servo control technology, intelligent complete equipment solutions and installation technology are all at leading level inside China. Many nationally-sophisticated types of equipment researched by HFM have been used successively in many scientific research fields such as airplane, satellite, rocket, nuclear power, high-speed rail. Market share is basically kept at 29%-32%.

Hefei forging joint-stock companies with a combined annual production capacity of 900 sets of hydraulic, mechanical presses 100 production capability. The scale of production, structural, finishing systems, product level is currently ranked first in the domestic industry, manufacturing equipment, fully furnished, equipped with industry-leading level. 



Name of Client: Fujian Hongwang Industry Co., Ltd.

Name of Case:  Fujian Hongwang Industry Co., Ltd.


Industry: Iron and steel industry

Product Adopted: Eastwell Gear Reducer

Introduction to the Project:

Zhaoqing Hongwang Investment Group possesses the subsidiaries including Foshan Zhenghongtai Stainless Steel Co., Ltd., Foshan Hongwang Stainless Steel Co., Ltd., Metal Industry Co., Ltd., Sichuan Tianhong Stainless Steel Co., Ltd., Henan Tianhong Metal Materials Co., Ltd., Hunan Tianhong Materials Technology Co., Ltd., Shandong Hongwang Industry Co., Ltd., and is the Group specialized in making cold rolled stainless steel. The group awards the “2010-2015 China Outstanding Enterprise in Stainless Steel Industry”, and is the State Hi-Tech Enterprise, the product brand awarded “China Well-Known Trademark”, the products awards the “Famous Products in the Chinese Stainless Steel Industry”, and the Group is entitled as the “Company with Sincere and Reliable Quality”.

Hongwang possesses about 2000 professional technicians, and is equipped with domestic advanced 18-roller five continuous rolling, triple frame continuous rolling and continuous annealing acid washing joint unit, 850 six continuous roller unit, 20-roller cold rolled production equipment and so on. The core products are the 200 series, 300 series and 400 series cold rolled stainless steel plates, and slab surface processing. The products are widely applied in the fields such as tableware, kitchenware, medical apparatus, home appliances, auto accessories and building decoration, and are sold well both at home and abroad with excellent quality, high reputation and innovative marketing. Fujian Hongwang 1 million tons stainless steel cold rolled engineering 1#20 rolling mill was successfully passed the heat load trial running on March 4, 2016, and was smoothly put into production. 

Case: China Huaneng Group

Name of Client: China Huaneng Group 

电厂.pngIndustry: Power Plant Equipment

Product Adopted: Eastwell Gear Reducer

Introduction to the Project:

China Huaneng Group is a key state-owned company established with the approval of the State Council. 
With registered capital of 20 billion Yuan, the Company is mainly engaged in the following business: development, investment, construction, operation and management of power sources; production and sale of power and heat; development, investment, construction, production, and sale of businesses and products related to finance, energy transportation, renewable energy, and environmental protection; industrial investment, operation and management.
Since its inception in 1985, China Huaneng Group has been providing rich experience for the reform, development and technology advancement of the power industry, and has been playing an exemplary role for power companies in enhancing management level and economic benefits, and has been making great contribution in satisfying power demand for economic and social development, and in ensuring value preservation and increment of state-owned assets. Website © SHANGHAI EASTWELL GEAR REDUCER CO.,LTD 2016   沪ICP备16051594号-1  

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